Timeline of Fuckery

May 23 2003

How about you join the Dixie Chicks if you're so happy to insult our President? I'm
sure they'd be happy to have you because that certainly worked out WELL for them.

May 21 2003

You are disrespecting every honourable soldier and HERO that is currently overseas. That
includes WOMEN TOO, you know. Do you hear how incredibly shallow you are? There are women dying
FOR YOU and you get naked and try to dishonour their legacy!!!!! And you say you're feminists???

May 18 2003

Hey idiots. Did you know 63% of Americans are in favour of invading Iraq? How about you
get off your high horse and accept what your COUNTRY wants. Your COUNTRY. Your STATE. Your
COMMUNITY!!!!! Yeah boo hoo people people protested Vietnam but it still had to happen.

April 18 2003

Any WOMEN on here that are on our side, make yourself known. We'd rather be sending
our praise to real, AMERICAN women who deserve it. Don't be shy.

April 17 2003

I don't think there is such thing as a woman that can pay attention. After an intense
night of trying to overtake the Lysistrata servers, these women are still living in
their fantasy worlds. If they think all men want is sex then they are CLEARLY MISTAKEN.
ON OUTSIDE OF THE INTERNET, UNLIKE YOU. You women gain a platform and then
assume that people suddenly care what you have to say? Think again. WE. DON'T. CARE.
I DO!!!! NOT!!!! CARE!!!!!

April 15 2003

NO SEX!!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!
This past Saturday, the regular Lysistrata performers, Calonice, Myrrhine, and Lampito
have called for a so-called "sex strike" until the US pulls out of Iraq?? I am not a
fan of this "pull out until they pull out" idea. Is anyone with me??????? I think it's
time to tell them that they are not one of a kind and easily dispensable. We will gladly
take our business somewhere else. I mean, these women are lucky to live in the best country
on earth and if they want it to change then they should go somewhere else. I did not sign up
to listen to the RANTS!!!!!!!! And until they realize that this is innapropriate we should
not give them the attention they want. So might I propose a BOYCOTT on Lysistrata????

February 09 2003

Did Lampito get her hair done???? I know she didn't say anything but something
looks different. LOL. Regardless, she looks BEAUTIFUL :P maybe next time we could
flood her chat with something?? Like "I LOVE YOUR HAIR LAMP!!!!!"
LOL if anyone has anything better let me know. We should send our girl some love!

February 08 2003

It would be really funny of the ladies ended up seeing this site LOL
It's possible they might have already... O__O awkward lol..... if so...
Hi ladies! I'm a big fan. :) I love you!

February 06 2003

A haiku for Calonice:
Little Hummingbird;
So soft, so tender, so sweet;
Will you fly with me? :)

January 01 2003

Happy new years Lysistrata!! I am so excited for you to have another
fun (sexy) year ahead! Your fans are always here for you.
Luscious Lampito
Mega-Hot Myrrhine
Cutie Calonice

December 11 2002

Did anyone else see Myrrhine's wink at the end of her liveshow today?????? Ugh
she is so beautiful and perfect and just that WINK was the icing on the cake for
the show. She must know she's the hottest woman on this planet. How does she
handle all that power? fuck I cannot wait until next week. What are your thoughts on
tonight's routine???? Her Mario Kart bit ALWAYS gets to me LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Love you, Myrrhine: beautiful, sexy, wonderful, amazing, superstar, angel, princess!!

December 11 2002

I will be in the audience today to watch Myrrhine's routine!!!
I hope she notices me!!!! :)

December 09 2003

A haiku for Calonice:
Hi Calonice;
You are radiant and cool;
Like a summer stream.

December 01 2002

It's always a treat when the three women get together and talk :)
Imagine walking into a room and seeing three angels taking up a couch in the
corner!! Would you walk up to them?? I think I would and just bask in the sound
of their heavenly voices. I hope they make this a monthly occurance. I know none
of my questions got answered this time, but there's always hope!!! Next time for
sure :) Love you ladies!!!!!